Back in February, we already discussed Lydbyrd’s single Way Back Home, where her dreamy vocals were paired with a dramatic backdrop of violins, piano, and drums. Today, the London-based singer is back with a new release, Kissing Undercover, which  weaves the tale of sleepless nights, hidden love, and the longing for the simplicity of romance. The third single of her upcoming album, set to see the light in early 2025, goes one step further and taps Rudimental drummer Beanie to make it even more explosive. Have a listen here!
Speaking of the song, Ladybyrd shares: Kissing Undercover is a super fun track—it’s the first song I wrote for my album. I wanted to make music that reflected the struggles I had been through over the last two years, and I wanted the production to be bold, moving and cinematic. Each track on the album narrates a distinct story or captures a fragment of a broader one, all within a cinematic pop soundscape that I hope will engage listeners, connect with them and move them on a personal level. I’m excited to share it with you, it’s finally time.”
Together with the track, the singer-songwriter releases a music video co-directed by Madeleine Pearson-Gee and Danni McCabe, where we see her looking playful yet melancholic in a big theatre. With poignant lyrics, she “captures the heartache and turmoil of a secret relationship.” Furthermore, “It wishes for the simplicity of romance, just like in the movies, but the lies, sleepless nights and hidden love only lead to heartbreak,” she explains.