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WhoMadeWho, the group comprised of Tomas Høffding, Tomas Barfod and Jeppe Kjellberg, has spent years creating a unique sonic fingerprint that is emotional, irresistible and immensely satisfying. A recognisable personal sound under which they have produced seven albums and a plethora of EPs, singles and remixes on labels like Kompakt or Innervisions. Now, after streaming for Cercle in the Abu Simbel Temple and having got together with many good musical friends for the album Synchronicity, they are releasing a new remix of Never Alone which they’ve commissioned from Patrice Baumel. “It's one of the most epic turnarounds of a song we have experienced,” says Tomas Barfod.

We speak to Tomas and Jeppe about their new release, which comes after collaborating with the German-born, Dutch-based artist on a previous track which worked super well. We also talk about the impact that their musical project has had on the music scene, what are the most notable changes in their way of understanding the industry and the world and, of course, we ask them about their next projects. “We have some very interesting collaborations coming that we can tell more about later, we also started working on our next album, but that won't come out in a while because these things take time.”
How are you and where do you answer us from? 
Tomas: I'm writing from a plane between Argentina and Brazil. I'm very good actually! I'm feeling very grateful lately... I think what I'm experiencing both as a person and a ‘band member’ these days is pretty fucking awesome.  
Tomas, we spoke to you five years ago after you released your album Paloma. What has changed since then? Do you feel you're still the same? 
Honestly, I feel like a completely new person these days. I got deeply affected by the pandemic and hated it, but it made me realize some important things about my life and in the end, it really benefited both our career and my personal development, so I have no beef with Corona anymore. 
Jeppe, how have the last few years been for you? Half of this time has been marked by the global pandemic that greatly affected music, causing postponements and cancellations of various projects, right? 
The pandemic was a very special period for us, where we get to do new things that normally wouldn’t be possible due to the demanding tour life. In all its misery it also opened up new forms of creativity. The album Synchronicity was a great chance to get together with many good musical friends and use the lock-down time in the studio. Also, the streaming for Cercle in the Abu Simbel Temple was a new type of mind-blowing project of that period. Performing in front of 0 people, but at the same time feeling the presence of history and the old King Ramses the II and his wife Nefertari. Awesome moments to look back at. 
You've established yourselves as one of the definitive underground bands of your generation. Are you aware of the impact that your musical project has had on the creative scene? 
Tomas: We have definitely felt a change in the way we are received both by peers and fans. And it's a great feeling to be contributing something positive to the world. We also take it much more seriously than we used to do because we know the impact and potential we can have. 
Having produced seven albums and a plethora of EPs, singles and remixes on labels like Kompakt or Innervisions, 2022 has been one of the most prolific years in your esteemed history. Has this year been a turning point in your career as a musical group? 
Tomas: I think 2022 was a consolidation of what we did in the last years. It's been a perfect storm of small steps that eventually led to something bigger than we ever hoped. Of these things I can mention our filming with Cercle from Abu Simbel, our partnership with Rampa on various songs and in general, we building our shows. 
And what have been the highlights of the last few months? 
Jeppe: Playing Red Rock in Denver before Rufus de Sol was a very inspiring moment. Generally, we are beginning to connect more with North and South America after an intense European summer. 
Now you are premiering a new remix of Never Alone which you've commissioned from Patrice Baumel. How would you define this new release in just one sentence? 
Tomas: It's one of the most epic turnarounds of a song we have experienced. 
How did this collaboration with the German-born, Dutch-based artist come about? 
Tomas: It was pretty easy, we already had a good connection because we did a collab for the Cercle show: ‘Nefrertari,’ and that track was working super well. One day he wrote in our Whatsapp chat... “can I remix Never Alone?” and I replied with the remix stems in a link... quickly after we received the remix. Many of our big songs actually happened in this impulsive and easy way. 
Throughout the nine minutes that the track lasts, you immerse us in a sensory journey propelled by deep basslines and dynamic synth lines. What would you like your audience to feel when they listen to this new remix? 
Tomas: We actually already have been playing this for many months, so we kind of know what they feel. Short story is that they have an epic time at almost any show. The good thing about the remix is that it has a clear message in the lyrics – almost a mantra. What Bäumel did was he made the remix both deeper and more wild than the original. It has this memorizing journey to it that takes people to a good place, but then there are a few drops that really call for euphoria. 
“We can be found as DJs around the world and will be back with an even bigger show soon!” you commented on your social media a few days ago. What can you tell us about your upcoming projects? 
Tomas: We have some very interesting collaborations coming that we can tell more about later, we also started working on our next album, but that won't come out in a while because these things take time. As we hinted on Instagram our main priority is to create a very special live show and we are working with some of the best in the business to reach that goal. 
Where will we see you perform in 2023? Any dream to fulfil for next year? 
Jeppe: Many big plans in the making for the whole world. Big things. We can't say more at this point!

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