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Mimii was born from the nickname Mimii given to the designer as a young girl, which now represents her uninhibited creativity materialised in clothing, bags and hats. Gathering inspiration from everyday things, her Spanish heritage, and all the cultures she assimilated into her artistry whilst travelling around the world, Mimii is a magnificent collision of all these things and more, with an aspiration to make fashion a pleasurable and eloquent experience.
Today we speak to Mimii, the young visionary behind Atelier Mimii, a designer brand which originated in Spain. Where are you today?
On a boat somewhere in Greece.
Could you tell us what the name Mimii means to you? Was this always what you wanted to name your brand?
The name of the brand derives from a family member calling the designer Mimii since she was little. It symbolises: happiness, enthusiasm, passion and positive energy.
Born in Zurich, Switzerland, to Spanish parents whom you travelled with all over Asia, some would say you have a very multicultural background! Which of the places you lived in would you say influenced you the most? And where did you discover you wanted to pursue a career as a designer?
Having lived in many countries across the globe, the many years spent in Asia definitely marked the designer. Countries like: Indonesia, China.. the list goes on.
The love for clothing has always been seen as a fantastical universe “filled with possibilities”. Was it easy, as a young girl, to adjust to every move? How were you able to nurture your Spanish heritage whilst living so far away from your roots?
Living abroad does not disconnect one from one's roots. Being exposed to multicultural backgrounds since the start, it has always been a natural transition for Mimii. But that doesn’t mean “you lose your roots”, they just travel with you.

You also went to fashion school at the Paris School of Fashion at Istituto Marangoni. How old were you then and what was that experience like? What did you learn there that was useful for your future aspirations as an independent designer?
A fantastical university. Being a very technical university, later on when one wants to express their creativity, the technical base is acquired there.
It’s always refreshing to see a young designer with such a distinct vision. In your collections you reuse fabrics and patterns multiple times on different looks and items, it’s evident that sustainability is prioritised in your work, and nothing goes to waste. What motivates you to select the materials that you do?
Sustainability has been present since the start of the brand. We operate how old fashion houses used to. We decided to embark on a sustainability method based on a “hands on production”. Everything is produced in house by our team and is made by hand. We do not generate stock as everything is made to order. The idea for our bags began when we assembled all the leftover fabrics from our first collection. Everything is always reused, nothing goes to waste.
How do you establish a brand reliant on handmade, sustainable craft in this modern age of mass production? What challenges did Mimii experience during its emergence?
To produce in this way is different in today's industry. However we stand by it as we believe it's important to produce exclusive products for our customers in the context of sustainability.
Mimii collections are an ode to colour and comfort in one’s own skin, this is especially reflected in your quilted and oversized designs, not intended to cling to or highlight the shape of a woman’s body. Do you feel as though comfort is something that has been missing from high-end fashion?
To be comfortable in one's skin gives people the ability to dress how they really feel like. Elements like colour, volume, prints, quilt are like friends you feel like hanging out with without having to hide who you are.
How did the pandemic impact your brand’s creative vision and process? Did you find more time to experiment on your designs in ways that you wouldn’t normally?
A lot. The brand Mimii has developed and expanded within its creativity. Being creative means you can express what is happening in different ways. Spring Summer 2022 is a reflection of what has changed and what hasn't.

Your latest released collection SPINE C-3 S.S 21, which is available on your website, features some avant-garde accessories, clothing, bags, hats and even baskets, which you have constructed using a versatility of patterns, textures and designs – including eyelets, tulle, and patches. Something personable is how you have designated names for each piece, instead of opting for a general description of the item like most designers. Where do these names come from? Are your pieces designed, crafted and named with a specific type of woman in mind?
Yes. Mimii has met many people throughout her life. Every time something is designed it comes from someone. Therefore, that person’s name is placed on the product as a sign of gratitude to them.
Your past collections have also included the word ‘spine’. Is there a reason for this?
Oh Spine, for us it means 'core'. When we started the brand, we designed a collection of 10 dresses. All the elements that composed the dresses were: eyelets, tulle, handmade quilt, our dress pattern… we wanted these to represent the core of Mimii. If you look at the anatomy of the spine it starts with C-1 and ends with L-5. This is how we structure our collections.
The Mimii hats from your upcoming SPINE C-3 A.W 21 collection are like an alternative version of Pillbox hats worn by women of the 1960s, most famously, Jackie O. In terms of fashion trends of the previous decades, other fashion designers or even artists, what would you say Mimii’s biggest inspirations are?
This is very hard to answer. Inspiration for us comes from everything we experience, see, watch, read and live. What is interesting to see, is how everyone perceives all these things differently. Clothing is a visual craft of one's perspective, it's our personal conclusion that we decided to share with everyone.
Lastly, why does the world need Mimii? What will we see next from you?
Spring Summer 2022 offers a new perspective on what Mimii is. We would love to make people dream of a world where getting dressed can be exciting every morning. SS22 is now available for preorder for the first time. We will be presenting the collection in the form of 4 drops. Exciting things are coming… our SS22 sweaters, in house designed lycra prints. We cannot wait for you to see it. Our first drop is now available on our website.

Phemia Demosthenous

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