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Lottie's skills extend way beyond turning celebrities red carpet ready, as she always knows the brushstrokes needed to turn a front cover or an editorial into a work of art. The power of makeup is not limited to hiding flaws or subtly enhancing facial features. It’s been said by many that one must to know the rules to break them, and a large part of the industry’s most prominent makeup artists are building their success on that notion. Challenging the conventional and purposely placing things slightly out of place or mismatching in order to keep them intriguing. What is noticeable about Lottie’s work, however, is how she manages to make every look flawless, while keeping it eye-catching and interesting.
What is makeup to you?
To me, makeup is a form of transformation, enhancement and expression.
What skills have played the biggest role in your success?
I would say knowing when the makeup needs to take a step back and finding that balance with hair and styling.
Makeup artistry requires a lot of technical skills, no less than creativity. How do you find the balance between approaching makeup as a beautifying tool, and a form of art?
Experience helps with this, knowing which models can be those blank canvases, and knowing when it's a moment for your artistic expression, and knowing when things are more of a collaboration. For example, a celebrity red carpet is not a time to express your creativity!

Do you strive to have a distinguishable style to your work?
I never really consciously think about "my style”, but I'm told I have one.
Your line of work involves a lot of collaborating. Do you generally find it easy to work with other creatives and translate ideas into work?
Yes, my job is such a collaborative thing. You need to communicate with the photographer, know what lighting will be used, see the clothes and have a conversation with the hair stylist to know what will give you the right balance for an all round successful shoot.
Do you have a project that you especially enjoyed working on?
My recent shoot with Arianne Phillips for the Prada Iconoclast series was an amazing experience.

Who’s face would be a dream canvas, live or dead?
Shalom Harlow!
Are there any other creative outlets you practice? 
No, because I'm pretty consumed by makeup and constantly playing, researching and brainstorming creative ideas, and I find this very fulfilling.
Any beauty secrets or tips you can you impart to our readers?
Drink lots of water, and remember there are no rules in makeup!

Hrönn Blöndal Birgisdóttir

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