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Born and raised in Australia on the dancefloor of her Dad’s nightclubs and festival stages across the world GG Magree has left behind the DJ decks for her ascent to the stars as a pop-punk princess. Today she releases her music video for Already Dead. Nihilistically named, the track comes off her up and coming EP Dichotomy out 19th May, which explores dualities within herself through sonic inflections that span the pop spectrum from punk to ballad. Deja Reve stands out as the most danceable rock track released so far off the EP, whilst My Wicked is more tender. We get chatting about the thoughts behind Already Dead's dark and cinematic video that is saturated with horror references and personal insights.

Self-sabotage seems to be an inspiration point for the Already Dead music video. We’ve all been there but you’ve always seemed so sure of yourself. Did you face some inner demons during lockdown? Or is the video a fictional story?
I feel like it wasn’t until Covid happened that I had a chance to slow down and really dig deep into myself that I broke free from the inner-demons I'd been carrying my whole life.  There's something about toxicity I was addicted to and I almost felt it was normal, but after doing a lot of work on myself and really coming into my own skin, I was able to understand my want and need for turbulence and create a healthy balance. “Already Dead” is a reminder to myself that only I can control my emotions and the journey I take myself on, and also know what I deserve in a relationship.
Alexandra Shipp acts as your girlfriend in the music video for Already Dead. It joins the vital shift in visibility for bisexual women – who often experience criticism from both the straight and lesbian world. Was having the girlfriend scene shown first an intentional decision to put this part of your identity at the forefront?
Alex is one of my best friends and an insane actor so I was extremely lucky to have her in the video. Love is love whether it's with friends, family, relationships, or with yourself. It’s passion and to me that's what love stands for. The scenes came out better than I could have ever dreamed.
Tell us more about the concept behind the blindfold you wear that reads “Me.” Do you ever feel like you’re standing in your own way?
Definitely, I wore the blind fold with “Me” on it to showcase the self-absorbed side in a relationship. We all can be blinded and selfish in a relationship, both in the romantic sense and the relationship we have with ourselves, especially when someone is crying out for our attention and trying to help but we just choose not to see them. I think the most powerful thing in any relationship is to be seen.
Does the glass box on your head relate to “the glass case of singing emotion” as you once called the recording studio?
I wore the glass box to portray isolation. When you're in your own little bubble and all you can hear is yourself, no one can get close to you or touch you because you have walls up.

Bella Spratley

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