How we dress is (part of) the way we present ourselves to others. And customizing one’s clothes is a recurrent form of creative expression: cutting, stitching, redoing, adding. Is there a better way to pair your personality with your garments? Gucci understands that and has had a DIY option for some time now, but it’s just announced that more garments are joining the previous customizable ones. And of course, a new campaign in collaboration with several artists comes with it.
If clients could already play with garments and accessories (such as the bags Dionysus and Ophidia) and make them their own, the offer has just become wider. New jumpers, cardigans and jackets – made of leather or wool to keep you warm during these upcoming cold months – are now available as part of the DIY service. But what can you do with them? Of course, adjusting it to your own body thanks to their sartorial service. But in addition to that, wear big letters: your name or surname initials, the ones of your partner, of your football team, etc.

Alessandro Michele, the house’s creative director, also understands the power of art, social media and the Internet. So together with the new collection, a handful of artists and illustrators have reinterpreted these new garments and turned them into artworks. The list includes Spanish aristocrat and multidisciplinary artist Brianda Fitz-James Stuart, Ashley Longshore, Isabella Cotier, Amber Vittoria and her graphic style, Angela Deane and her friendly ghosts and aliens, and Marc Burckhardt with his tiger and gorilla.
Amber Vittoria Diy.jpg
Amber Vittoria
Angela Dean4.jpg
Angela Deane
Ashley Longshore
Brianda Stuart1.jpg
Brianda Fitz-James Stuart
Isabella Cotier1.jpg
Isabella Cotier
Marc Burckhardt1.jpg
Marc Burkhardt