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The beauty industry is changing with vegan and more sustainable methods on the rise. It’s all due to what we seek, for, since we are more and more leaning towards cosmetics that have less impact on the planet and are more gentle on our skin. Siblings Marta and Virgili Jubero have come together to present Roda, a new natural cosmetics brand that aims to make a positive contribution to the industry. As they say: “Roda brings together our passions: the Mediterranean lifestyle, beauty in all of its forms and intelligent technologies.” We can find shampoos, conditioners and soap bars with no plastic waste, cleansing gels, shaving creams, and their hyaluronic gel moisturiser as one of their top products. And, of course, we are talking about a natural, organic, vegan and eco-responsible business.

Virgili Jubero, photographer and creative director, is the co-founder together with his sister Marta. The idea behind Roda came about when Marta Jubero worked in San Francisco for a drone and aerial software company and realised they could apply technology in other sectors to develop truly effective products. “We believe Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will disrupt the beauty and cosmetics industry,” as Roda’s team confirms. And how does it actually work? They use algorithms to obtain a list of consumers' favourite products and then use this data to discover the combinations that work best. As you can see, Roda definitely brings a whole new concept to life, offering new formulas with the ‘customers first’ mentality.

Inspired by their hometown and the Mediterranean lifestyle, we find arbutus, artemisia and red pine as some of their most repeated ingredients. It’s an invitation to all of us to trust in technology and science, with a team of chemists and an R&D laboratory in Barcelona with more than 36 years of skincare research experience. They are breaking beauty stereotypes and focusing on gender inclusivity and don’t use filters in their campaign photos. Roda is for everyone: all skin types, all ages and all genders. Unlike others, when they say it suits all of us they really mean it.

Giulia Ramírez

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