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Yours Truly is a collection that makes us gain back value for clothing. “By not letting material go to waste and by asking the costumer to not just be a costumer, but a maker,” designer Lisa Konno invites us to be part of the process. Now, she has teamed up with photographer and art director Peggy Kuiper to present us this project.

Reinforcing the concept of involving the wearer to create their own garment, and together with graphic designer Marius Scharz, Lisa developed a poster with instructions on how to make one of the shirts in the collection, including a label tag, which was sold on the catwalk just after the show where the collection was presented last January, during the Amsterdam Fashion Week. “This caused a funny scene; now people are starting to put together the shirt and you can see how every single piece turns out differently.” 

Motivating and involving people in the products they buy and wear, seeking and daring the costumer on making something themselves and not just buying the idea of the finished garment: Yours Truly aims to eliminate the idea that clothing is something to quickly dispose off. Working with recycled materials, Lisa found some boundaries, yet achieved to create new possibilities: “Usually I select a typical item of clothing that is widely available and I prefer to not completely take it apart or shred it. This way, the previous stories of the items stay intact and the new garment subtly displays some history.”

As every designer needs a photographer, Lisa invites Peggy Kuiper to capture the details, shapes and textures of her collection, combining skills and making each other’s work conceptually stronger. Peggy, an Amsterdam based photographer, translates Lisa's strong ideas in quality collections. “She brings materials that could otherwise become a bit tacky to the next level.” Peggy perfectly captures the soft colours and romantic prints of Yours Truly, bringing an extra dimension to her clean photographies. More interested in flaws than perfection, combining aesthetics with estrangement, she potentiates Lisa's purpose on this collection, leading the viewer and costumer to become part of the process and taking a closer look to find a story behind each garment.

Photography & art direction
Melissa Worrall
Peggy Kuiper (Cake Film & Photography)
Make up
Patricia (Paparazzi models)
Yokaw Pat (Angelique Hoorn)
Floor Kleyne (Angelique Hoorn)

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