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Starting from a personal realisation process and putting herself first to get what she wants in life, singer-songwriter and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB now presents her new single, Did It My Way, a stunning collaboration with Essex-based alternative artist tmdistant. Built over an upbeat indie pop production by Song Higginson, the song comes along with a music video shot and edited by Sorin D. Visuals and vindicates self-confidence, self-love and self-esteem as essential elements to living life to the fullest and being comfortable with oneself.

“I guess I'm a nice person who always tries to help others out when I can and even when I can't sometimes, and that really hasn't worked out in my favour,” says YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB about an introspective process in which she realized that the kindness and generosity with which she treated people were not reciprocated and it was compromising her well-being. “People tend to take advantage of that and I know it. I used to let it slide, until recently, when I realised that I wouldn't get where I want in life if I didn't put myself first. This song is about that realisation.”

Having released her debut EP I Thought I Knew You, Boy Was I Wrong which has received significant editorial support on Spotify, the singer/songwriter now joins forces with tmdistant on a statement-making song. Writing, producing and mixing her songs, she wants her music to speak for herself and represent who she is, a free spirit. And her new release consolidates her presence on the music scene, demonstrating great musical ability and a personal creative universe.

David Alarcón

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