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Erecting its creative universe on nonconformity and drawing inspiration from subcultural influences across the globe, VOA Collective is a limited-edition conceptual brand. A brand turned creative platform whose Season 01 is its first collection of art pieces in the form of eyewear that comprises a limited run of four unique designs, each named after a moon of Jupiter, embodying growth and expansion: Eurydome, Thebe, Themisto and Lysithea

Starring Santa K and with Blanco De La Osa as its Artistic Director, VOA's Season 01 is the brand's debut collection, a thought-provoking artwork capsule collection that only a few will own. Their art pieces, tailored by artisans in Japan using top-tier techniques, are presented to the audience like relics housed in a museum.

Where is art headed? Shouldn't it be integrated into all facets that are part of our lives? Should creations of this nature be confined only to museums? VOA has it clear. “VOA collections will be showcased around the world and available for purchase in selected boutiques and online. Fittings and adjustments will be in collaboration with a very selected collection of retailers,” they tell us.

David Alarcón
Creative direction
Blanco de la Osa
Vito Galvango
Art direction
Román Lata
Santa K
Vito Galvango
Makeup and Hair
Aurora Ponce

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