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It’s not easy to discern which elements belong to an earthly plane and which ones come from a fictional world, at a time as unprecedented as the one we have experienced in recent months. The physical presence intermingles with intangible aspects, resulting in effects never seen before in which ethereal impulses create synergies with the strictly material elements. It is precisely from this non-terrestrial origin that Vitaly, the prestigious Toronto-based experimental jewellery studio, is inspired in its new collection Metamaterials Summer 2021. A dystopian universe presented through an editorial, from which they have already launched their first drop: The Retract.

The inexplicable debris and atypical artefacts are the starting point of the new proposal presented by Vitaly, a project that, far from being a typical brand, draws on art, fashion and the most absolute imagination to create unique pieces that broaden the mind. Having launched their first collection of environmentally conscious eyewear, The Matrix, they now embark on a new adventure through unknown places, showing once again their passion for unexpected escapades and unexplored routes. Advanced engineering and unique design properties adhere to spatially forward-looking creations.

Composed entirely of 100% recycled stainless steel, the Metamaterials collection is the starting point of a new world, a first contact that promises to translate into a supra-sensory experience that invites us to be part of. The editorial, photographed by Steph Verschuren under the creative direction of Zack Vitiello, is a perfect embodiment of a concept that can hardly be explained in words. And the pieces that make it up will be gradually revealed as if it were a space mission with different stages. For now, the first piece of the puzzle, The Retract, a contemporary set comprised of two rings, has already been unveiled. An alien-inspired base (Retract 002) and a claw-like fingertip cover (Retract 001). The two pieces can be purchased together or separately for different effects. A perfect example that design and functionality are complementary.

David Alarcón
Steph Verschuren
Creative Direction
Zack Vitiello
Steph Major

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