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The first release of her new EP, Blue, dynamic soul-pop artist Vianne returns with the track, Take Me With You, which is out today on all streaming platforms. This track marks a new era for the artist, who broke onto the scene in 2019 at the age of just sixteen.

All of us have, at one point in time, daydreamed about running away with someone. Leaving it all behind, and wandering somewhere new, arm in arm with a loved one. It is in this daydream in which Vianne’s latest track, Take Me With You, finds its inspiration. The song is an ode to the so-often-unquenchable yearning for adventure, a thirst to explore the world with someone by your side.

Sonically, the track is a rich fusion of soul and R&B. Reminiscent of the bounciness of a GoldLink or Kaytranada beat. Silas Short, producer and musician in his own right, was entrusted to craft this arrangement. Simultaneously, the soulful yearning of Vianne’s Ella Fitzgerald-esque vocals infuse an understated, but powerful emotional resonance into the soundscape. Neone the Wonderer is a welcome addition, adding a hip-hop-soul flair which also ties the song together thematically. The track is relatively simple both lyrically and musically, though it remains uplifting, and really encapsulates the innate human desire to escape to something new.

Vianne’s musical identity is unique. Heralding from Arizona and now based in London, she is quietly crafting a distinctive and rich sound. The manner in which she mixes genres and carefully selects her collaborators, is inspiring. After listening to Take Me With You, one cannot help but wonder what she will do next. We are looking forward to hearing the rest of the ‘Blue’ EP later this year.

Robert Goodall

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