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Contemporary art gallery Casa Triângulo in São Paulo presents the gallery’s first solo show by Brazilian artist Thiago Rocha Pitta. Titled Nigredo, the exhibition takes viewers through an alternate universe created by the Brazilian visual artist in which simultaneously you can feel something happening as it has already happened. The exhibition, which features a curatorial text by Pedro Cesarino, presents a compilation of the artists most recent multimedia productions, on view until August 14.
Driven by a musing with the passage of time, the artist’s work focuses on emotive elements of the natural world that are ominous and melancholic all at the same time. Through videos, sculptures and paintings, Rocha Pitta explores the relationship between man, nature and time, immediately drawn to capturing natural phenomena by simple techniques and gestures in combination with his frescoes and watercolours. Exploring issues related to the human being advent, the artist transcends time and space, diverging into the momentums of the world around us in a coalescence of mediums to transform the current moment the viewer finds themselves in.

“Time, as seen by the phenomenology, is unique and personal, but here in Nigredo, there is a socialisation of it,” says Cesarino. “We are all born and we are all in the same burning-boat, and even, we watch this fire happen.” Reflecting on 20 years as an artist, the eclipses depicted by Rocha Pitta in the exhibition also represent a turning point, to be perceived as coincidence or not by the viewer, but the parallels are hard to ignore. Imprisoning a manipulated momentum, “the promise of the new and the premise of the future” are intertwined throughout the artist’s work.

With an interest in transformation and decay, the artist’s work confronts viewers with a curious introspection. For the artist, catastrophe is already evident. The melancholic series explores the effects of an increasingly uncertain time driven by what both surpasses and limits the individual. Through the use of frescoes, watercolours, videos and stills the artist depicts environmental interventions, submerging the viewer into a horizon of an unknown phenomena of alchemy. Rocha Pitta finds himself caught in the moment exploring the chaos after the emergence and life, and we are taken there with him in this latest exhibition.
Thiago Rocha Pitta’s exhibition Nigredo is now on view until August 14 at the Casa Triângulo contemporary gallery São Paulo (Brazil).

Paige Peacock
Filipe Berndt

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