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Them Fantasies has just released its new single, Cruise Control, featuring the group’s unique mix of electronic, indie rock, funk and alternative pop. The trio are known for their trendy and vibrant music style, and Cruise Control is no exception with its witty and sarcastic lyrics, powerful vocals, and exceptionally funky basslines.

The Los Angeles-based band is comprised of Dominic Cannarella (lead vocals and bass), Eric McCoy, (guitar and backing vocals) and Max Meizlish (drums). The trio met as students at Berklee College of Music and has been releasing music ever since 2018. The group are seen regularly on their Instagram and TikTok pages and their fun and cheeky personalities mix well with their chaotic blend of music styles, creating a modern take on the old-school boyband kind of vibe.

Cruise Control uses Them Fantasies’ satirical humour to describe their feelings towards the hate and negativity they experience online. They are driving away from the negativity, putting a big middle finger up to people that try to bring others down. Lyrics such as: “Everybody got some shit to say,” “Gaslighting but I drive electric,” “No you can’t kill my vibe” and “Live a life so full of envy” explain that they are in cruise control, driving in their own lane, without care. This is not the band’s first single that takes a swipe at a certain group of people, the track follows this year’s previous release, Billionaires, which made fun of… well, just that! Cheeky, fun, and sarcastic, Cruise Control is bound to get you singing in your car at the top of your lungs.

Rowan Glashan

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