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Flower and art addicts, rejoice! Next October 13, Ostudio in Brooklyn is opening The Role of a Flower, a group exhibition curated by Marie-Salomé Peyronnel focusing on, yes, you’ve guessed it, flowers. Even more, the day of the inauguration, there will even be a class of dyeing with healing plants and flowers by Barrie Cohen. Wanna join?

Polaroids, monoprints, photographs, fresh flowers, textile works; the artists in the exhibition approach the floral theme from very various perspectives. From Sophia Narrett, who recreates them in large-scale embroidery works featuring painterly fruits and flowers (often related to love and erotica) to Thomas Fougeirol, a French artist working on monoprints of invasive species to turn the ugly sides of nature into its beauty. On another side, photographers Rabichon and Anna Skladmann look for unusual and more experimental ways of portraying the ephemeral beauty of flowers through various photographic and printing techniques. And to top it all, Siri Thorston, who makes polaroids inspired by 17th-century Dutch still life paintings, will also present a full installation of fresh flowers alongside handmade ceramics by Fernando Aciar.
The exhibition The Role of a Flower will open on October 13 and will be on view until October 27 at Ostudio, 366 Stockton St, Brooklyn, NY.

Arnau Salvadó
Siri Thorson

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