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The new single from The Dharma Chain is not meant only for their listeners but for all humanity. Making music a powerful vehicle for transmitting messages and addressing themes with which many will feel identified, the human connection is the pillar on which their latest release, Her Head, is built, which comes along with a meaningful music video. This is the second single by the post-punk/psych-rock band since their signing with Anomic Records and follows the success of their first single His Head.

Based on themes of depression and loneliness experienced by so many people in the modern world, The Dharma Chain gives shape to this new single that we are now premiering along with the fantastic music video that reinforces the core themes of isolation and vulnerability present in the song. This single leaves no one indifferent serving as the sonic counterpart, the balancing force, the next chapter of the story that began last year with His Head. “It explores the ways in which human connection can provide a lifeline out of these states,” the band adds.

Recorded in an abandoned church in rural Australia like the rest of the album, shortly before the band relocated from Australia to Berlin in late-2022, the music video they are now releasing brings an extra dose of meaning and emotion to the single. The song crescendos and the empty space are filled in with driving drums and fuzzy guitar noise the characters awaken from their daze and flee from the spectre, ultimately uniting and thus escaping their isolation. An impressive metaphor in which sound and visual elements are in perfect harmony giving an outstanding result that demonstrates the savoir-faire of The Dharma Chain.

David Alarcón

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