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Thando Skwatsha opted for authenticity over aspiration or trends. His debut album that he’s now presenting, iimini nentsuku, is the first full project that he has written entirely himself. This new release is definitive proof that he was not wrong to follow his instincts and bet everything on his identity, creating a powerful personal stamp and now presenting emotionally charged music free of trends and passing phenomena. His music breathes truth and honesty, while key stories from events in his life can also be found across this album.

“It is close to my heart because every song is written in my home language of isiXhosa as well as isiZulu,” says the rising artist and musician hailing from the streets of Gugulethu, Cape Town (South Africa). But what is the recurring theme in the album? Past love. “However, themes of hope can be heard throughout the album, including on songs like iskhalo sabantwana and all night,” adds Skwatsha. From his childhood to his hopes and dreams, not forgetting his relationships among other themes. His new album is an emotional trip through his life, his inner reflections and debates, and his emotional ups and downs.

Exploring his own heritage and family, the artist opens up his heart to his audience, conveying a message of optimism and hope to his entire community. He wants to bring joy and light to the listener in this chapter of his life. And his new twelve-track album, iimini nentsuku, does it perfectly. His captivating voice, impassioned songwriting, and authentic sound give shape to a different and personal musical project, in which everything has coherence and is perfectly meshed starting from the truth. We will keep an eye on the singer, who promises to give a lot to talk about in the near future.

David Alarcón

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