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The musical geniuses of Surprise Baby present their second track from their new EP, titled Motorcycle. The song is an ode to escapism, a journey through guitars, melodies, and ethereal harmonies that create an iridescent sonic landscape in which you can completely immerse yourself.

Surprise Baby is the musical collaboration of musician and songwriter Sarsten Noice and producer Claire Morison, two talents originally hailing from Northwest Montana. Their long-standing relationship as friends and creative partners has translated into an authentic sound that blends elements of rock and roll cowboy with the charm of indie pop.

Their upcoming EP is a testament to their refusal to be classified as they explore a wide variety of genres and sounds. Following the release of their debut single, Poison the Well, Motorcycle narrates a fictional story about the desire to escape a relationship, using a motorcycle journey to New York as the base. Sarsten Noice describes the song as a commentary on the feeling of escaping and the paradox of wanting to get away while promising not to endanger one’s own life on the road. The singer adds: “The fact that the narrator believes so deeply they won’t die while simultaneously desiring to be as close to danger as possible is the irony of the song itself.”

The song evokes the feeling of being in motion, free, and without worries. The lyrics are abstract, allowing for diverse interpretations, enabling listeners to connect with the music on a personal level. Additionally, the melody is captivating. The choice of drums with the guitars creates an atmosphere that literally conveys what it narrates. The project is gaining recognition, and if they continue on this path, there's no doubt that the EP will reach the expectations of their audience.

Helena Barragán Vert
India Coombs

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