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Not being able to party, being away from our friends, plans that had to be postponed in time or cancelled permanently... The pandemic forced us to change our lives from one day to the next, missing many of the things we took for granted that we suddenly lost. Sukie now pays tribute to that feeling of sadness and frustration with her new release, Heart Emoji. The 23-year-old singer, who grew up on the outskirts of Manchester, now presents us with a single as wistful as endearing.

“Covid hit when I was in my last year of uni and I ended up moving away from all my friends in the midst of lockdown. Most people I didn’t get to say goodbye to. It was such a crazy contrast going from being surrounded by all my best friends to moving to a city where I knew no one,” replies the artist when asked about the inspiration for this new single, which she now reveals along with a music video in which fantasy embraces friendship, carefreeness and longing for good times shared with friends.

“It took me a year to make new friends and I was really lonely – that’s where Heart Emoji came from. I missed my friends so much! I missed feeling sexy and getting ready with my girl friends, helping each other do our hair and makeup. I missed the silly drama and getting too drunk and stupid dancing in a club with a sticky floor,” she adds about what was a universal feeling that we all experienced in one way or another. Little details that seemed insignificant before and that we began to appreciate when we couldn't enjoy them anymore. And now it seems that as we get back to normal, we can get back to our old lives. A bright future awaits us!

David Alarcón

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