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Although global health seems to improve progressively (despite the increase in Covid cases in some countries), the mental consequences of this tragic experience are still present. These are the effects of an unexpected global phenomenon that has forced us to remain confined at home for months, dispensing with all social interaction. Now, London-based, Ukrainian producer and songwriter Sleepwoka is releasing Nothing left to say, the first single from his upcoming EP, The Lockdown Ghosts. All songs were composed in lockdown in the United Kingdom, and his new work captures his feelings and emotions during this unusual period.

“It felt to me that Covid opened a can of worms in my head and my deepest fears and anxieties took control of me. A lot of different thoughts were rushing through my head and I was trying to capture them on paper,” explains the artist about how the pandemic affected his mental health and how he tried to cope with it by taking refuge in music. Now he presents us Nothing left to say, the first preview of his upcoming EP. “Afterwards I realised I actually still have a lot to say about 2020-2021 and I decided that the next EP will be fully dedicated to the pandemic and how it affected me as a human being,” he adds.

The author of singles like Stay awake or How I was wrong connects with a personal feeling that many of us can empathise with. Music, like the confinement and the pandemic, has affected all of our lives, it is universal. It is a language in which we can all see ourselves reflected and share opinions and reflections, as Sleepwoka does now through its new release:“I felt the urge to snapshot my experiences with music. Nothing left to say was written quite fast and it felt like the lyrics were always in my head and I just needed to write them down.”

David Alarcón

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