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SITA’s new track titled 333 is the first teaser in the lead up to her upcoming EP of the same name. The song delivers powerful energy, with a passionate performance from the artist, mixed with classic techno and electro influences.

Multidisciplinary artist SITA, aka Sita Abellán, has had a varied career through fashion, photography, and music. Creative parallels can be drawn between each of her works. This new song is no exception. The industrial techno soundscape of 333 brings us the chaotic atmosphere of a strobe-lit basement club. The lyrics deal with failure and repression. “I want to… I can not” repeats cyclically throughout the track. These words are delivered with such ferocity and passion, it is almost reminiscent of a Keith Flint vocal.

The artist’s influences are widespread, with clear musical references to Eurohouse and Berlin industrial techno sonics. As the track ramps up in intensity, these inspirations become even more clear, with the dingy basslines and Eurohouse synths taking centre stage.

The video for the track, also out today, is a powerful collaboration between Tomás Peña and herself. The film shows different versions of SITA, from a teenager to her fame, and her constant transformation. It also highlights the energy of the track, blending techno and fashion aesthetics. This perhaps implies that this is another step in her career journey, evolving her musicality to fully-fledged musicianship.

The entire project, from the song to the music video, leaves us excited for what’s to come of her musical career. The passion she holds seeps through the track, both vocally and musically. Her debut EP will be released in 2024. SITA also has a number of live dates coming up, including her debut boiler set on December 8th.

Robert Goodall
Tomas Peña

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