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Molly Rogers, Kaveh Rastegar, Kiel Feher, Scott Gordon, Augusto Piccio and Rueben Cohen are the names of the people who made Scott Goldbaum's debut five-song EP possible. The acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and songwriter now thanks all of them for their work and support on his new release, Protector. His self-produced folk-infused indie rock EP follows a vulnerable character who's in need of protection as he becomes the protector of others. Drive Too Fast, Trigger Finger, Blood Knot, Mourning Coffee and Incremental are the five singles that shape this new and important release in the musical artist's career. 

“Growing up I was fortunate to have big brother figures whose actions taught me the value of having someone look out for you. I've since had countless opportunities to offer that feeling to others,” Goldbaum shared on his social networks with his followers just a few days ago, coinciding with the release of Protector. “This record is for my mentors as well as the people who have let me into their life as a teacher, a friend and a brother of shorts.” And this is the theme on which his latest project is built, which is sure to satisfy fans of the artists whose music inspired the production including Chris Isaak, Radiohead and Bombay Bicycle Club.

Having performed at Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, this weekend, Scott Goldbaum is now releasing his first solo EP with lush string arrangements by Molly Rogers, upright bass from Kaveh Rastegar, drums/percussion by Kiel Feher and mixing from the famous Scott Gordon. Professionals with successful careers are now joining forces at this very important moment in the musician's professional career, whose credits include Sting, Keith Urban and Charlotte Lawrence, among others. A release that explores some of the most important issues in life, reconnecting with what is fundamental and leaving aside what is transitory and insubstantial.

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