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Sauna, an artistic-purifying installation located in the Nave 16 of the cultural centre Matadero Madrid, reaches its end this weekend after three weeks offering the participants a combination of exquisite cultural programming with the possibility of enjoying a Finnish sauna installed in the room.

Until Sunday, March 5th, Sauna opens its doors from six in the afternoon to eleven at night. The admission is free. Carlos Monleón, the artist responsible for the Sauna project, says the idea comes from his fascination about social spaces built around different types of saunas in Scandinavia, the Baltic States, and the South Korean 24h Spa. According to the artist, Sauna introduces the public to a wellness device that due to the heat alters corporal states – relaxation states in which we are not used to assimilating cultural content. Sauna also provokes extra aromatic and corporeal sensations.

The artistic programming selected by Monleón includes diverse agents of Madrid cultural scene, like musicians, visual artists or performers. The happenings do not take place inside the sauna cabin but around. There are projections outside of the cabin – Monleón states that audio-visuals are very important since they add texture to the experience and helps to absorb the contents – and loudspeakers introducing the sound from the outside, thus the sound heard through the walls has amniotic attributions.

The event is declared as ‘body positive’, within the Sauna area street clothes are not allowed and there’s a strict ‘no phones, no photos’ policy. There is also a bar offering tonic drinks. The rest is like a conventional sauna: showers, changing rooms, toilets, lockers, etc.

Today, March 3rd, Sauna's wellness is amplified with the Levantinismo manifesto: vacation cities, luxury material pleasures, and the imaginary produced by the boom of Spain as vacation destination. Sound part is by Levantinistic Beats. On Saturday, March 4th, the guest is Abraham Rivera, who promises a session of engaging music. The finissage arrives on Sunday, March 5th with a_mal_gam_a_djs (DJ Diskoan & Jose Salas, from Machines Désirantes Buró), a platform for research and enjoyment of electronic music away from conventional parameters that focus on its aesthetic and conceptual aspects.

María Muñoz
Courtesy of Carlos Monleón
Installation photos
Samuel Sánchez

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