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Two art worlds collide in the paradigm-shifting exhibition, Once Twice, in The Hole, New York, bringing the first collaborative exhibition by Ry David Bradley and Hanna Hansdotter. The exhibition showcases a divergence of art forms featuring blown glass sculptures and digitally-generated tapestries. Once Twice blends the contrasting creative styles of the artists, showcasing their shared observation for detail, and it's on view until March 28.

Presenting distorted facial motifs, the contorted figures in Bradley’s tapestries challenge facial recognition. Each piece unearths a sense of revelation while concealing itself from detection. Digitally-developed as grayscale pieces, with a fine attention to detail, each tapestry is woven with RBG coloured thread that is only visible to the eye close-up. Each piece showcases the digitally disfigured faces of real people, emphasising and provoking the visual exploitation of identity in a retouched world.

The exhibition also features Hansdotter’s intricate attention to detail in her glass blown figures. Her work resembling a body-like presence, preserved in fleshly alien figures, draws on her traditional training as a glassblower into an unforeseen combination of colour and texture, with each sculpture exploring a new dimension of space and direction. The artist’s works compliment Bradley's tapestries, both experimenting with the manipulation of the human form, creating a foothold for an unanticipated similitude of creation. Straying for the usual gallery format, Once Twice is the first major gallery exhibition to sell works as both physical objects and non-fungible tokens, collectible both physically and digitally.
Ry David Bradley and Hanna Hansdotter’s exhibition, Once Twice, is now on view until March 28 at The Hole, 312 Bowery Street, New York City. It will also be exhibited virtually on Decentraland.

Paige Peacock

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