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Have you ever heard the saying, only boring people are bored? Well fret not as London based photographer Rory DCS has published a ‘visual self-help book’ to inspire you to get out there and start enjoying life. Far from your average self-help book, "How to be Fun" is full of sunny photographs of beautiful girls, beaches and fun vibes.

Each picture is accompanied by an instructional quote, “get lost (finding fun is the best fun)” and “laugh A LOT (a fun accessory for any outfit)”. Rory manages to capture that eternal summer feeling without crossing the line into twee territory. We met up with the photographer and had a few questions for him.

When asked about the inspiration behind the book, Rory tells us that How to be Fun “came about as a way of looking into how we can reimagine formats of learning”. The photographer-turned-author figured it would be better to introduce the subject with a lighter topic! The artist scoffs when we query his artistic background, “artistic would be a stretch, I’ve been a teacher for the past eight years but along the way I have taken photos and this book was a way for me to combine the two things I’ve been doing for a while into a single item.”

Lastly we asked Rory what three qualities make a person fun in his opinion, “Rule breaking, laughing inappropriately and being impulsive”. Ultimately, How to be Fun is a collection of seemingly candid photos taken though a care-free filter- it’s what you wish your photo album looked like.


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