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Renowned designer Rick Owens and iconic sportswear brand Champion have come together to create a collaboration that embodies innovation, sustainability, and a shared vision of contemporary athleticism. Now entering its fourth year, the Rick Owens x Champion partnership has evolved, expanding its creative horizons while staying true to the distinctive aesthetics of both brands. Avid supporters of the Rick Owens x Champion collaboration can mark their calendars for May 26. The highly anticipated collection will be available in Rick Owens stores and online.

At first glance, the collaboration between Rick Owens and Champion may appear enigmatic. However, this unique alliance has proven its worth over the past three years, intriguing fashion enthusiasts and sparking curiosity. When asked about the rationale behind this collaboration, Rick Owens explained that “I remember my older, cooler cousins wearing Champion sweatshirts and shorts in the seventies, cementing that logo in my brain. With our collaboration, I have taken their logo that inspired mine so long ago and rendered it in a luxurious 3D embroidery which we have sprinkled liberally over a range including sheer T-shirts, sweats, distorted hoodies, underwear, and windbreakers. The pentagram I have added to it represents a vote against moralistic bigotry and intolerance, which has always been at the top of my agenda.”

Setting their latest collaboration apart, Rick Owens and Champion introduce bold strikes of dark red amidst their signature black, grey, and beige tones. This infusion of vibrant colour adds a dynamic edge to the collection, making a striking statement and instilling a sense of pride in those who wear it. From sweatshirts and tees to mesh vests, shorts, light outerwear, and even underwear. Oversized, draped silhouettes, characteristic of Rick Owens' design ethos, find synergy with Champion's heavyweight jersey craftsmanship. The collection reflects an interplay between the avant-garde and sportswear, resulting in a unique fusion of styles that is both wearable and stylish.

The Rick Owens x Champion collaboration takes significant strides towards sustainability, setting an example for the industry. Produced just twenty kilometers from Owens' factory in Italy, the collection utilizes fabrics that are either GOTS certified or recycled, emphasising the commitment of both brands to environmental consciousness. This conscious approach to manufacturing is a testament to their shared dedication to progress and responsible practices.

Nur Rezai-Mah

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