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Newport Street Gallery introduces the first major exhibition of American artist Richard Estes. Located in south London, Voyages will show over forty-five different paintings spanning over the last 30 years. Each work was crafted after journeys to Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. Estes takes the viewer on a voyage through both our natural and constructed world, while reminding us of the blessings constantly around but often going unnoticed. Curated by Andrew Heyward, the collection can be viewed from September 10 through December 12 with free entry

puts Richard Estes into the spotlight of European viewers with his beautiful geometric landscapes and intricate detail. Well known for his showings in New York City, the esteemed painter offers a unique look into his photorealist paintings with a clean and reflective style that makes one feel like they are standing inside all forty-five works themselves. Voyages contributes to a rising collection of works at the New Street Gallery whose main goal consists in bringing art into the public eye. Founded by Damien Hirst, one of the most successful artists and entrepreneurs in the world, this south London exhibit solidifies itself as a place for exploration, education and discovery.
Richard Estes's exhibition Voyages is now available at Newport Street Gallery until December 12.

Jesse McCeney

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