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It is the story of 9 mini stories portraying 9 models I collaborated with throughout the last year, shot from my flat in Milan during quarantine, in April 2020 via FaceTime.

It’s been our reconnection, the study about how the models and their living spaces inspire me, about which part of their privacy they are ready to share.There were no big preparations but only a mutual desire to co-create in the moment of a global lockdown.

I hope you’ll be able to imagine the sound of music in the back or a family chatter in the dining room, moms calling them for lunch or helping them out with the shooting, laughter before the photo was taken…

It is also a social and visual comment on human relationships nowadays. I documented what I captured during the video calls on my screen, my personal messages and other notifications, intending to demystify the shooting itself.

At first, I wanted to name this story The Global Issue, but it sounded too generic for something quite personal and intimate, so Reconnecting was the title that hopefully managed to communicate the idea of fighting solitude, reconnecting with ourselves, reconnecting with people we know as we are also reconnecting when the Internet signal is low.

Thanks to everyone who participated.
Dee Eeb (Relatum Models)
Shot by Facetime in Seoul – South Korea
7:05 AM
William Winther-John (95 Management)
Shot by Facetime in Vanlose – Denmark
01:57 PM
Jayce David Roberts (95 Management)
Shot by Facetime in Valby – Denmark
10:05 AM
Ivan Carbone (3m Models) & (Elite Model World)
Shot by Facetime in Naples – Italy
03:45 PM
Chris Xu (Brave Models)
Shot in New York – USA
04:45 PM
Willads Lowenstein (95 Management)
Shot by Facetime in Copenhagen – Denmark
04:27 PM
Harrison Page (Crew Model Management)
Shot by Facetime in Wodonga – Australia
09:42 AM
Bahailu Tucci (3m Models)
Shot by Facetime in Como – Italy
02:47 PM
Kristoffer F. Sporon-Fiedler (95 Management)
Shot by Facetime in KOGE – Denmark
10:15 AM

Photography, art direction and words
Kristijan Vojinovic

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