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Preferring not to define her music through limiting words, and opting for letting ourselves be carried away by the feelings that her lyrics and melodies arouse in us, quinnie released some weeks ago her new track, shape, unveiling a gorgeously crafted cut showcasing her soul-grazing vocals over a stripped-back arrangement. The rising indie-folk artist continues to demonstrate that making music unrelated to current trends that stem from honest emotions is possible and necessary, and more and more people find in her musical project a safe place where they are welcome. But that’s not all. Today she is releasing her new single, ribbons, and will be releasing a deluxe version of her debut album flounder via Columbia record this summer.

Writing songs since early childhood, quinnie has always made music an ally where she can pour out her emotions, reflections, and thoughts. Her music is executive produced by her best friend and roommate, Jake Weinberg, which gives her an extra dose of trust and well-being in her creative process that is undoubtedly reflected in the final result. Managing to connect closely with her audience, many of her fans publicly thank her for the sincerity and truth intrinsic to her songs. “I am so grateful to have been able to listen to your music, it has touched me so deeply,” or “your music never disappoints,” are some of the comments that her new release has received.

Having released her debut album in February called flounder, which boasts breakout songs like touch tank and fan favourites like man and get what u get, now she gifts us with this bonus track, shape, with which she invites us to look for beauty in details and live as fully as possible. Her music reconnects us with the here-now, allows us to forget for a moment the extremely fast pace in which we live, and reminds us that life is not only about meeting deadlines but also feeling and being connected with ourselves.

David Alarcón

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