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If you haven’t heard of him, what are you waiting for? Quinn Oulton, a 26-year-old South Londoner who has been releasing music for a while now and his jazz and electronic soundscapes have gained him some attention — even receiving a spot on the Red Bull Music Academy. 2 years after the release of Long Gone, home for the experimental gem Little Bit of Crazy, he's back. This new release, Royalty, is another appetiser of this new chapter.

Around Royalty, he admits feeling creatively blocked, feeling this urge of making an over-dramatic ballad by default. At some point, he realised it didn’t have to be that way: “Royalty is a very real and honest representation of how a relationship grows over time.” He also states it goes beyond reality, and I kind of agree.

Listening to the single, we have no choice but to immerse ourselves in the intoxicating atmosphere that Oulton creates. Somehow it pulls you in and pulls you down with it. You feel your body subjected to the classic ups and downs of a love affair that doesn't end well. You don't know if you should keep listening or let yourself be carried away by the melody without giving it much more thought. Although he warns about that too: “Cause ignorance is bliss.”

Maria Antón

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