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A joyful trio seeking pleasure in the depth of a Virginia lake surrounded by greenery to match the water’s vivid colour made from oil casted on a masonite canvas by Holland Cunningham or enlarged, hyper-realistic graphite drawings of common household tools, such as a chisel or hammer, by Edward Givis are just a few examples of the art works that can be found and purchased on the revolutionary e-commerce site Platform

Partnered with the world-renowned German art dealer David Zwiner and his galleries, as well as other partner United States based galleries Massey Klein and 1969 Gallery and many others, Platform operates in a transparent and authentic manner, democratising the art buying market. No more private auctions nor endless negotiating with a gallery owner, every month, Platform offers an exclusive, carefully curated pick of 100 artworks available for purchase, including acrylic and oil paintings, pencil and graphite drawings just to name a few.

Through Platform's diverse selection of art, which ensures the fair compensation of each and any artist as well as the gallery that represents them, you will be able to enjoy questioning the notions of female beauty and seduction, which artist Hannah Taurins carefully depicts through living and fictional figures, or enjoy carving out a hidden identity lying in between the precise polarising strokes of a brush or pencil once held by contemporary artist Alexa Hawksworth. Not only is Platform democratising the art world, ensuring a transparent transaction, it also opens up a whole new realm of buyers, which can be literally anyone from anywhere, to the art world. No matter your personal taste, Platform’s monthly updates make certain you will find something to your liking.

Juliette Eleuterio

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