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It's hard to believe that at just 19 years old, Peyton Gilliland has already conquered so many successes on the music scene. Songs with hundreds of thousands of listeners, a legion of fans who follow her wherever she goes, and outstanding collaborations that are unusual for artists her age. The up-and-coming singer, who is making leaps and bounds but steadily on her own path, is now releasing her new single Cookie Jar, which is a female empowerment track with a twist. And it is that the strength and power that radiates her new single deserves a special mention.

Written by Peyton herself, her guitarist Ryan Demers and award-winning Nashville songwriters Craig Wilson and Lizzie Cates, Cookie Jar is a fast-paced retro sound with elements of modern rock. The ability of the young artist to make collaborative composition a constant must be highlighted. And it is that it is not easy to make such good, coherent and correct decisions, in a music scene where more and more people are carried away by passing phenomena or media booms. We already highlighted the ability that the singer had when it came to deciding who she collaborated with when we presented her single and music video Devil's Daughter, featuring Josh Nichols.

As we advanced then, she is still in the process of mastering her EP with GRAMMY winners Brian Chirlo – who produced for Amy Winehouse, and Justin Bieber –, Mads and mentor, founding member of Cage the Elephant, Lincoln Parish, Peyton is already ready to continue creating music that defies expectations. And there is no doubt that her overwhelming force, along with collaborations that give a lot to talk about in the music industry, lead her on the right path to achieve her goals.

David Alarcón

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