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Having created a loyal community of fans that continues to grow and making pink a colour synonymous with personality, strength and authenticity, Peach PRC is advancing her musical career by leaps and bounds. Since her relationship with music began when she was creating pop music in her bedroom, she has worked to gain a foothold on the international scene and has become a one-to-watch artist in 2023. Her latest release, her debut EP Manic Dream Pixie, illuminates the scope of her punchy, poignant, and unapologetically pink vision.

After building a huge fandom on her social media and Spotify, the Australian artist has just released her new six-track body of work, Manic Dream Pixie, taking the things you only say in text to close friends (or exes) and turning them into pop that shimmers as much as it sings. Not afraid to talk about feelings, mental health and the ups and downs of life, the singer connects with her audience with amazing ease having built an audience of 2 million-plus TikTok followers and generated over 120 million combined artist streams.

From the first single Perfect For You in which she pays tribute to the Paris Hilton hit Stars Are Blind and sees her entangled in a wild all-female love triangle regardless of the cost, to the pensive Loved You Before which hinges on a downright dynamic vocal and Dear Inner Child, which might just be her most introspective composition yet. Peach PRC's new release continues to catch the attention of people from all over the world, determined to immerse themselves in her magical dream pixie world, sad pop songs and hints of glitter and fairy dust.

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