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“Music is the fast-track way of getting to your own alternative universe,” says Hillel Tigay, better known as Palms Station in the music scene, about his great passion through which he delves into deep concepts and connects with the audience through an energetic channel that goes beyond words. “It allows us to get into that meditative trance-like state which makes us susceptible to deeper thought.” He is now releasing his new single, Blue Skies Back, featuring Torii Wolf, who we had the chance to talk to a few months ago.

Optimism and hope are the pillars on which Tigay builds his work. “The ancients were keenly aware that song had a singular power to bring a higher purpose into their midst,” he explains about music, to which he conveys a special power and which he recognises as a special language capable of expressing emotions that we cannot communicate through other formulas. His solo secular debut, Palms Station, is named after the West Los Angeles area where Tigay lives with his family. A project that allows him to express himself freely, collaborating now with Torii Wolf.

Spirituality is also something fundamental in the creative universe and the way of understanding life (and music) for the artist. “I want to elevate people to feel better, more optimistic, that their souls have been cleansed, that there is hope,” he adds. And his new release, Blue Skies Back, immerses us in an atmosphere where the pace of frenetic life seems to slow down, connecting with our inner selves and helping us discover ourselves better.

David Alarcón

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