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After an entire week, the GucciFest has unfortunately finished. Seven episodes directed by Gus Van Sant and Alessandro Michele have kept us in front of our screens craving for more. But as they say, all good things must come to an end… But in case you still haven’t caught up, here are the last three chapters of the series.
In Episode 5, titled The Neighbours, Silvia Calderoni gazes through the window curiously to see what the people living around her are doing. One is watering the plants while another one is cleaning the windows; another one is shaving before an in-house rehearsal with his music band, and another one is hanging out her collection of front-lace wigs instead of the clothes. And the one that caught our attention the most is taking a bath fully clothed – in head-to-toe Gucci, of course – and watching a video starring Billie Eilish. All of them living in peace and harmony until an older woman, played by South African actress Jenny Runacre, asks the band to stop the music, which they politely do.
Episode 6 is about the passion for vintage. When Silvia finds a Gucci store with new pieces as well as archive accessories like sunglasses, she naturally feels the need to go in and see it for herself. Red walls, beautiful clothes with psychedelic and baroque prints, glimmering glasses… It’s all a fantasy. It becomes even more so when singer Florence Welch comes in and writes notes like ‘tomorrow could be different’ or ‘honey in the streets,’ and secretly puts them into the customers’ bags and pockets. Serendipity and fortune at their best.
The seventh and last episode, which concludes the series, is titled A Nightly Walk, starts with Silvia visiting Chinese music sensation Lu Han, whose character’s name is Pink due to his new hair colour. After a bilingual conversation in English and Chinese, Silvia leaves the building’s front door and jumps on a motorcycle that takes her on a beautiful ride across Rome at night, visiting some of the city’s most famous spots.

With this, Gucci concludes its most ambitious project this year, which has shaken the fashion industry to its very foundation. The Italian House has proven to be one of the most original among its peers, switching fashion shows for live streams as well as online-exclusive content like the GucciFest. What’s next for Alessandro Michele? How will Gucci surprise us in the coming months? Everything’s possible when it comes to the Creative Director, so we’ll just wait binge-watching the GucciFest episodes.

David Valero
Gus Van Sant

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