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Today we are extremely lucky to present an initiative that transcends the strictly music world and speaks of the feeling of community, mutual support, and alliances between artists with meaning, the #FreeBritney project. A synergistic album that is the culmination of efforts between Head Bitch Music and a collective of nineteen different female-identifying and non-binary artists. The album stands in solidarity with Britney Spears and survivors of conservatorship and guardian abuse, as well as abuse within the music industry. And it also has a social purpose, since they are donating twenty-five per cent of the earnings to ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

From the iconic Gimme More to Womanizer, there are many hits that this new album collects to celebrate the power of collaborating. About twenty artists join forces in a project that, besides defending and positioning themselves in favour of Britney Spears in her legal battle for her freedoms and rights to be finally recognised, goes further. An initiative that raises its voice to fight against an injustice that affects many people, who see their quality of life and identity threatened as a result of the abuse of power by their legal guardians. And by the music industry.

Illicit Ghost, Boh Doran, Gay Hollywood, Jpolnd, Dresage, Anna Rose, L’Freaq, Kids At Midnight, Millher, Leah Levi, Olivia Dear, Bellsaint, Taiina, Vctrys, Tangela, Zola, Talker and Maddie Ross are the architects of this incredible and exciting mixtape. All of them have a special connection to the spirit and life of the Princess of Pop, and they all come together to work on meaningful work paying tribute to one of the most important artists of an entire generation. They release it today coinciding with the day that Jamie Spears heads back into court to face further inquiries about his actions.

David Alarcón

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