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The exhibition titled No Space, Just A Place at Seoul’s Daelim Museum aims to forefront the alternative spaces which challenge the neutrality of the commercial gallery’s ‘white box,’ contributing on the wider scale to the critical evaluations of the current art ecosystem. Stemming from Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele’s meditations on eterotopia and curated by Myriam Ben Salah, Tunisian-French curator and writer, the exhibition features the multi-disciplinary artworks by the selected local and international artists.

“The acknowledgment of the moment of great uncertainty that humanity is currently experiencing now furtherly encourages reflections on alternative modes of being and consuming in relation to one’s environment,” Gucci said in a statement. No Space, Just a Place aims to shed the light on the “radical venues and to explore their ‘alternativeness’ as a conceptual tool through which to think about autonomy, defy authority and foresee new narratives for the future.”

For the exhibition, which will run until July 12, Gucci has invited the selection of independent art spaces to exhibit their artists’ work at Daelim Museum. From Sungsil Ryu’s colourful exploration of artificial paradises in her Psychedelic Nature to Kang Woohyeok’s suggestions of extraterrestrial dwellings in Lunar Real Estate, artists propose their alternative spaces as an utopian place while grounding their notions in current socioeconomic state of the world.

In addition, to facilitate the interchange of ideas, the exhibition features immersive installations created by the selection of local and international artists exploring their visions of the near future and materialising the fantastic mythologies that surround this notion. Cécile B. Evans’ video installation tries to negotiate the person-to-machine exchanges, while Olivia Erlanger reimagines a surrealist laundromat, ‘a non-location’ inhabited by mermaids, a probe into the ideas of mobility, gender archetypes and hybridisation.

Extending Gucci’s eclectic vision, the exhibition intends to set ‘new empowering narratives’ and extend our understanding of ‘otherness’ through the varied exploration of alternative spaces, identities and queer politics.
The exhibition No Space, Just A Place is on view until July 12 at Daelim Museum, Jongno-gu, 통의동 35-1 대림미술관, Seoul.

Nini Barbakadze

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