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American label No Sesso presents The Girls With Dolphin Earrings, their Fall/Winter 2022 collection that pays homage to Black womanhood and its power. Through the themes of innocence, sexuality, and maturity, the collection explores the elements that shape this imagery and its identity using a dolphin as a symbol of this empowerment.

Designers Pia Davis and Autumn Randolph bring to New York Fashion Week a runway full of school elements such as sports jackets, denim, cargo prints, and relaxed fits to convey these childhood memories in connection with the maturity of adulthood. Hence, why there’s also space for long asymmetrical deconstructed garments, where the conversation on sex starts. In Davis' own words, “To wear whatever you want and show skin, it’s powerful when you have control of that,” because, as we all know, everything is about sex except sex; sex is about power. The collection also hinted at a collaboration with Levi’s, which will premiere in April.

Nevertheless, not only do the garments stand out but they also showcased their new brilliant range of accessories from which we would like to point out a corseted bustier handbag in denim and gold chains that will surely become the talk of the town.

Maria Antón
Rodin Banica For Dan/Corina Lecca

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