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An unprecedented historical moment in has given us a lot of time to think and reflect on our lives, the future and the past experiences that have built our personalities. Nightshifts, the recording project of Toronto-based songwriter Andrew Oliver, now encapsulates the mental journey he has experienced on his new eleven-track album, Stir. “It was a cathartic process that led me to realise the only truly important moment is the one right in front of me and not the ones that are out of my control in the past and future,” he says.

And he's right, our constant attempts to dictate what the future will be like or change what we have already done are in vain. It is in the present where we must focus our efforts, and that is precisely what the artist is doing now in his new work. “The album was a journey of me overthinking different facets of my life, like where I should be by this age (By Now), imagining a romanticised version of my life had I taken different paths (Beach), and already missing a time that I’m currently in (20s),” he comments on the emotional and personal journey condensing in the form of introspective singles.

From indecision to euphoria or optimism, many moods are present in this new album. Stir is a reflection of life, showing the ups and downs that we all experience in our daily lives. The pop melodies that he offers us in this latest release are outstanding, allowing us to connect with our inner selves in an exciting journey in which we go through different stages. Each of them with its own atmosphere. An undoubtedly complete and well-executed work with which Nightshifts speaks from his purest essence.

David Alarcón

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