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The globally recognised headwear brand New Era’s latest Make It Yours campaign spotlights and uplifts inspiring emerging creatives from all over Europe. Forget Paris, London and Berlin – New Era turns to the suburbs and lesser-known cities of Europe in exploration of under-represented subcultures and unique creative stories.

When asked what inspires her, Omaigold, the suburban-Madrid based musician who fuses Spanish, English, French and Arab lyrics to create a never-before-heard sound, responds with “the hustle and bustle.” Teaming up with other creatives – such as Manchester-based artist Virginia Ben, rap collective native to Hamburg Bando Babys, American footballer Léo Sarteel originally from Thonon-Les-Bains (France) and Weel Lee, the illustrator based in Gallarate (Italy) – New Era investigates their hometowns in hopes of inspiring the next generation of creatives who aren’t based in the capital cities.

From speaking on struggles to their rising success, each creative delivers an insightful interview whilst showcasing New Era’s latest fall collection. Featured in the new drop are pinstriped jersey tops, varsity-style jackets, oversized hoodies, and, of course, an array of snapbacks and bucket hats. Multiculturally inspired, the new collection blends in sportswear and streetwear in a sixteen-piece collection.

Juliette Eleuterio

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