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The story of Natisa Gogol, as one of the millions of Ukrainian refugees as a result of the Russian occupation, must be told. The refugee and pop singer/songwriter now based in Prague fights the injustice and heinous crimes that have occurred in recent months in her native country through music with lyrics full of meaning that leave no one indifferent. The single she’s releasing today, Aesthetics, is a love letter to the LGBTQI+ community, especially those in current occupations who are further discriminated against. How does she combat this injustice? Through her new song which is a tale of love that is more powerful than life itself.

The futuristic music video that comes along with her new single, Aesthetics, is a dedication to the LGBTQI+ community, depicting a love affair between two women that transcends space and time. Delivering a powerful message about holding onto strength and hope through her musical project, her latest release further highlights many people's concerns that if Russia occupies Ukraine, the LGBTQI+ population will have their current rights taken away. There is no doubt that nothing and no one will stop Gogol in her path, being completely determined to fight what is not fair through a tool that is not limited by borders or languages.

Since the terror began in February 2022 when she woke up to the sound of rockets and explosions and formulated her plan to head to Prague because she had a brother who lived in the Czech Republic, the artist has not stopped making music a peaceful combat tool but capable of making more noise than any weapon. And the disco-infused dance-pop anthem she's releasing today is one more example of this power.

David Alarcón

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