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Much is said about the intrinsic relationship between music and fashion, two creative disciplines that merge into many projects in which sound embraces aesthetics in the form of creative direction and the search for a personal style with identity. But the artistic synergies go much further, as Monad now shows in his latest single, Light In An Empty Room, in which he is inspired by the Edward Hopper painting Sun In An Empty Room. The psychedelic dream-pop artist returns for the new year to deliver his beautifully alluring new song.

“It was born out of a writing exercise I was trying at the time, writing a song inspired by a visual piece – I stumbled upon Hopper's Sun In An Empty Room and something in it immediately deeply resonated with me, there's an introspective quality to it,” answers Monad when asked about how his latest release is related to the world-renowned American painter. “That painting is a direct influence for this song, which like the painting deals with feelings of otherness and isolation (on the inside and on the outside) in its own way.”

After releasing his mesmerizing 2020 EP Dissolution, the artist who evokes the sounds of 60's jangle pop, 90's shoegaze and 2000's electronica, melted together into a fuzzed-out, melodic pop statement presents a release that captures a rich tapestry of sweeping elegance and progressive ideals. One more example of the potential of the dream-pop project of Tel Aviv-based artist and producer Eshchar Nachmany, who blends palpitating electronics, otherworldly echoes and shoegaze guitars into his own brand of multicoloured psychedelia. Stay tuned because the artist will be announcing upcoming dates to enjoy his live music very soon.

David Alarcón
Tamir Moosh

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