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Born in Copenhagen, Mikkeller is one of the strongest and most authentic offers among handcraft beer bars, not only for their great variety of beers, but also for the eclectic cultural-aesthetic halo emerged around this gourmet proposal. We travel to its Tokyo headquarters. Kampai!

In the space between Shibuya neighbourhood and Yoyogi Station, called Ura-shibuya, there is a little ecosystem made up by some of Tokyo’s lifestyle must-visit places, which have been trendy for some time. There, we can visit the Monocle shop, a couple of independent cinemas, a café of the Norwegian chain Fuglen and this Danish beer hall, known by everybody here.

When you walk into the bar, you feel like you’re in Copenhagen – without getting the impression of having entered an artificial space in another city. Suddenly you find yourself drinking beer in fine glasses and enjoying the atmosphere. It is another example of what is happening in Tokyo – showing its aesthetic flexibility and eclecticism at every step. We must say that Japanese and Scandinavian design and craftwork have always shared a very balanced aesthetic dialogue. It is not surprising that the inside of the bar is loyal to the decorative eclecticism that defines this type of spaces in Northern Europe, and that its adaptation to the environment is so natural.

If we have to roughly define the place, the prominent material is obviously wood on walls, ceiling and furniture. Every chair, lamp and vase full of dry flowers exudes its uniqueness. Besides, music matches a disco, funky and indie profile that provides a warm, calm and good atmosphere to enjoy your beer and a good conversation without having to speak too loudly.

And the most important, the beer. Whether it is a strong, full-bodied one, or with low alcohol content, it is never disappointing. Every tasting is a new discovery to your palate. Besides, it just so happens that last October a Mikkeller was opened in Barcelona – an opportunity for some of you to enjoy their offer without having to take a flight, and for me to do so when I return.

Words and photos
Júlia Coma

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