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Hypnotic tunes combined with real-life lyricism, a musical proposal to connect with and give it your own meaning. After being the creative force behind the indie-electronic band Goose, Mickael Karkousse is ready to begin a new chapter on his own. These are the first steps of the Belgian singer and songwriter as a solo artist as he now presents his new single All My Life, along with his debut EP Where Do We Begin.

“Come on give me another try to be with you all my life,” these are the words Mickael Karkousse repeats under layers of electronic beats. An alt-pop track inspired by the nineites that immerses us into a melancholic romantic scenario. Accompanied by a music video that literally takes us on a ride and makes us deeply empathise with the character. It’s a breath of fresh air in this world full of constant images and inputs, the video let’s us stop for a moment and take in the emotions and the reality of what is happening. Although it narrates heartbreak it still has a feel-good vibe to it. “I like it when a repetition of words becomes more than that,” as he says. And we can truly see that he knows how to portray his vision.

A single that goes along with the other five songs of this EP, all with a chill and groovy vibe that give us a sense of freedom. Discovering and letting his creativity flow, always with cinematographic inspiration that comes from his Visual Arts studies. He is definitely an artist to keep an eye on, and this release makes it clear that he has a lot to offer.

Giulia Ramírez

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