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If a few months ago we had been told what our current reality would be like, the current situation both us and other millions of people are in, we would’ve shaken our heads in disbelief. But here we are, coping with a global pandemic the best we can. Our Spring/Summer issue is finally out, a bit later than usual due to the circumstances, with an important update: from now on, you can purchase it not only in newsstands and specialized stores but also in digital format on our online store (where you can also purchase the print magazine if you want), at a very affordable price of 2,90 euros. And this is just the beginning, soon you will have our most recent issues in digital format too.

In this new scenario we’re living in, where the digital realm and screens are taking over because of force majeure, we believe it doesn’t make sense any longer to just sell the magazine in physical format, with all that this entails (a price that is higher than we would like it to be, the impossibility of being in every city, the shipping costs if you buy it online…). So we must facilitate access to our work in every way possible. Of course, the digital format doesn’t replace the experience of having the print magazine in your hands, turning its pages, smelling the ink, touching the paper, but it’s a good option, faster and cheaper to get to its content. And you can always buy the print magazine if you want.

With that said, let’s circle back to the title: What is real? This is the question we ask ourselves in this 300-pages-long issue in which we delve into the work of artists like Arca, Juliana Huxtable, Andrew Thomas Huang, Stelarc or Lucy McRae, among others. With all of them we talk not only about their work and projects, but we also reflect on this dystopian times we are living in, and on an uncertain future in which technology will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role.

The fashion editorials are by Teddy Iborra (he signs one of the beautiful cover stories, starring model Tin Gao), Henrike Stahl, Coco Neuville, Evelina Sollander, Ana Larruy, Peggy Kuiper, Dima Chyornyy, Denis Golonka, Nick van Tiem and Cho Giseok, who closes the issue with the other fantastic cover story, a 30-pages-long story of great dystopian beauty, very appropriate for the moment we’re living.

Thank you very much to each and everyone who has made this issue possible, which we started months before the quarantine, and which we finished during the lockdown. And thank you very much to all the brands and clients that support us, because we wouldn’t be here otherwise. Either print or digital, we hope you enjoy this issue as much as we have enjoyed making it. There are more news coming, but that’s another story you’ll hear about soon.

Yolanda Muelas

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