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Max Lawrence makes their new release, Confection, a powerful message reflecting on modern times, consumer society, and the commodification of the self. The creative manages to convey the perfect balance between signifier and signified, in the form of an energetic and catchy single that promises not to leave anyone indifferent. In this way they express themselves with force from their innermost self, making it a work of art. It is an overwhelming energy that fights a sick system whose foundations are now questioned.

Confection is about the urge to self commodify and what happens to a person when they become addicted to being a product”, explains independent artist Max Lawrence, whose creative character was born out of the pressures of capitalism that pushes us to sell ourselves as products, as they shared with their audience just a few days ago. A pressure that leads us to make our essence a personal brand that ends up crystallising in the form of a product, which culminates in a constant disconnection of human emotions. “We’re told we should always want more than we have, and we are worthy once we’re consumed by more people,” they add.

This new release also includes a self-directed clip filmed by Fagan Wilcox and co-directed by Josh Coles-Braun, in which the artist seems to experiment with different formulas as if they were creating the perfect human product, in a process of transformation resulting from the demands and needs of a system dominated by the guidelines set by the consumer market. Mixed by Becki Whitton (Aphir) and mastered by Andrei Eremin, this new single manages to create an expansive immersive atmosphere that we can't wait to feel on stage.

David Alarcón

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