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Ahead of the release of his upcoming album (set to release early 2024), Matty Frank releases Moth, a new single inspired by bonfires and in which Omnichord takes centre stage. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist and vocalist’s new song starts by saying: “I wanna have a fire / I wanna forget myself, I’m getting tired,” which sets the tone of the rest of the track.

It all started when Matty showed his new Omnichord to his brother. “While showing him each and every feature, I got caught up in a simple two chord progression with the disco drum setting and automatic bass,” he explains. From there, he started building the track, but had to set it apart to think and rethink it many times. “I listened to this piece of the song every day when I first wrote it, trying as hard as I could to finish it, but had to put it down for a while,” he confesses.

However, that time allowed for some distancing and reflection, which led to the final version of Moth we’re now able to listen to, whose purpose is dance-focused. “I hadn’t thought of the moth visual motif of this album at the time yet, but after I did over a year later, I finally made the connection between it and the flame. Who is more excited about fire than moths? Who gets more excited about natural phenomena than the character of this album? It all came together quite quickly, despite this being my first dance-oriented song, something I never thought I would be inclined to do.”

That fire materialises in the lyrics in the form of a bonfire, which people use to burn up burdens including bills, money, and memories. It traces back to our origins, to our fascination with the transformative and destructive power of fire. It awakes something in our core. Speaking of the first versions of Moth, Matty explains: “It sounded like the theme of an imp, a scoundrel, scamp, trickster, rascal, scallywag. This took me right to having a bonfire. What’s more impish than throwing a once important document like a final exam or a bill into a fire? A lot, but that’s maybe the limit most of us get to experience in our civilized lives.”

And so, with that joyous, freeing spirit, Moth came to be, and now you can stream it on your favourite platform. This is the fourth single that Matty releases, which follows previous tracks Wasted, Saitama’s Dilema, and Folk Singer. To conclude, the artist explains: “Moth is all about release, then, even for me; letting go of musical hangups and admitting to making fun pop music, and for the listener, letting go of paper, some sanity, the need to maintain an appearance. All of it goes into the fire.”

David Valero
Pedro Rodriguez-Echemendia

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