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Today Swedish new wave punkster Manuela Iwansson is releasing her debut album, Dark Tracks, through Lack of Sleep Records. A very important moment in the career of every singer and artist that marks a turning point in their career. However, Iwansson is not a newcomer to the music industry. She once toured the world with the punk outfit Terrible Feelings, but now she is focused on her solo project. And this new release is a long-awaited effort, being the result of almost four years of work after she unveiled her self-released EP Dream Lover in 2018. 

“It took its sweet time to come around and get done, but I’m very proud of it and excited for it to live a little,” the artist shared just a few hours ago with her followers via Instagram. "Some songs I've had forever, some are brand new, but they are all friends, and each holds a special place in my brain and body." This album highlighted by the 80s gritty synth-pop anthem that is focused on the track Strangers on a Train invites us to accompany her on a musical journey in which different sources of inspiration coexist defining her creative vision.

From the callous rock stylings of the late 70s to the new wave evolution characteristic of the Blondie era, the different elements that we find in her new release, Dark Tracks, allow us to get to know her better. 10 songs make up her debut album, which features Bria Salmena, Jack Ladder, Johanna Engdahl, Sandra Widman, and Martin Nilsson on vocals; Henrik Palm on guitar; Hugo Mårtensson, Erik Klinga, and Jonna Löfgren on drums; Elias Jungqvist on synths; Johan Öhman on AKAI MPC 2000, and Joakim Lindberg. It's time to listen to it! And one more announcement by the singer. “Vinyl arriving early next year.” 

David Alarcón

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