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The aim of Lucie Antunes' new album, Carnaval, which she is releasing today, is to lift spirits. A goal shared with many artists who for a few months have been working hard so that the audience can reconnect with themselves, feel good and enjoy the moment, after some difficult years that have transformed the way of seeing the world and understanding the reality for many people. The French composer started working on it during the first lockdown in La Rochelle and later brought her friend Léonie Pernet on board as producer. A winning formula that she now reveals in the form of an eleven-track album that we can already enjoy.

“I feel like everyone is taking themselves too seriously at the moment,” says Antunes when she reflects on society and how people live today. A thought shared by many artists that require repairing balms to help us cope with problems, relieve stress and connect with the here-now, letting ourselves flow and enjoy the moment. “I'm from the conservatoire, and at the conservatoire, it's all very serious,” she adds. And her playful second album is a determined response to this, bursting with positive acclamations and being designed for the dancefloor.

This new release is an ode to experimentation, to the trial and error process, to letting oneself explore new formulas with which to reach unexpected results. “For me, it was difficult to do something easy, because I love complexity,” replies Antunes when we ask her about the title track Carnaval, while she says that a good song doesn't need complexity. We totally agree with her, sometimes we find the purest essence devoid of unnecessary elements in simplicity. And Carnaval is a perfect demonstration of her most personal essence and musical vision.

David Alarcón
Marine Keller

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