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As winter approaches, Louis Vuitton invites you to elevate your style to new heights and make a statement both on and off the slopes. Seamlessly merging functionality and style, the French luxury house wants to ensure ski enthusiasts can embrace the spirit of adventure without compromising on elegance. Presenting a range of meticulously designed garments, accessories, and leather goods, the ski collection embodies innovation and versatility, ensuring that wearers can seamlessly transition from the snowy mountains to après-ski engagements with elegance and flair. With a focus on bold aesthetics and cutting-edge materials, Louis Vuitton creates a stunning lineup pushing the boundaries of ski and après-ski fashion.

Blending active wear with high fashion, feather jackets and polished parkas have been adorned with monogram prints and graphic motifs inspired by the “Louis Vuitton” legend brining a fresh perspective to iconic designs. In addition to outerwear, ski pants, technical trousers and contoured leggings, elevate your winter wardrobe possibilities catering to all preferences and styles. The colour palette remains classic yet contemporary, with intense reds, deep navy blues, glacial blues, and crisp blacks and whites. Each garment and accessory is adorned with the LV Flocon logo, an original design reminiscent of a snowflake and the iconic Monogram flower, further highlighting the collection's attention to detail.

To complete the look, Louis Vuitton presents a range of accessories that effortlessly combine warmth and style. Luxurious wool or shearling-printed scarves, gloves, bucket hats, and ribbed caps elevate any ensemble with their cozy elegance. Ski masks feature lenses in gradient sun tones, providing maximum coverage and a touch of edgy sophistication. For those seeking everyday wear, the collection offers the lightest sunglasses with Monogram lenses, perfect for both the slopes and the city streets.

The french luxury house further extends its collection with a selection of iconic handbags. The Twist bag takes centre stage, available in quilted nylon variations of navy blue and vibrant red, complemented by graphic motif straps. The practicality of the season is encapsulated in the black nylon Speedy model, making it an ideal choice for those looking to bring some heat to the slopes.

When it comes to footwear, the ski collection’s offerings combines style with durability, designed to withstand all elements. The Ruby Chelsea boot, trimmed in shearling and featuring a thick rubber sole, adds both height and warmth to any ensemble, while the Aspen ankle boot offers two variations: a warm beige après-ski style, accentuated with a Lozine strap inspired by Louis Vuitton trunks, and a versatile alpine style with laces.

Nur Rezai-Mah

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